The Porto Cruise Terminal, South Cruise Terminal and North Cruise Terminal



The new Porto Cruise Terminal (South Cruise Terminal) is the largest project ever for the opening of the Port of Leixões to the city and an important gateway of the region. It is situated at the South Mole of the Port of Leixões, just 3 Km from the city of Porto.

Total quay length: 340 m
Depths: – 10m (ZHL)
Maximum ship dimension: 300 m mooring
Pilotage compulsory (for entry and leaving)
No limit for ship stay
ISPS compliance

If you go to Porto on a cruise, your cruise ship will dock in Leixoes Port which is located in the Matosinhos district, about 10 kilometers away from Porto city center.

In Leixoes Port there are two possible places for cruise ships to dock: Porto Cruise Terminal and The North Cruise Terminal.

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